Rollin' with Nick Cannon: Would You Use A "Random Hookup" App?

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Slow Down Baby, We Just Met...Alright, Go Ahead...

Slow Down Baby, We Just Met…Alright, Go Ahead…

There’s a lot of lonely people in the Tri-State and a lot of people that aren’t lonely but yearn the touch of another.

Well, there’s an app for that!

Have you ever been running out for your midday errands and get that sudden urge to get some lovin’? Well you’re gonna love what we have for you!

This app is called LocalSin. It tracks you by GPS and helps you find people in your vicinity that wanna be down!

If you’re a man, woman, tranny, heterosexual, or homosexual, or both… this app can definitely work for you! It comes with a “passion map;” a list showing the location of your “compatibles” in the area. They are then able to contact each other directly and propose a meeting.

Once your “interaction request” is approved, then you can touch down and make it do what it’s supposed to do!

Would you use such a service?

I wouldn’t because, well, because it deals with the only two things on this earth that I fear.

Nick and Sarah Lee asked the listeners the same question today and I was actually surprised with the answers. Check out the audio now and then let us know what you would do!


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