First Photos of Anne Hathaway As Catwoman!!

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Photo by Sandy Young/ Getty Images

Photo by Sandy Young/ Getty Images

I am not a comic nerd. Hardly. But I have always had a deep appreciation for Catwoman ever since Michelle Pfeiffer rocked the role in Batman Returns (waaaay back in the day). I don’t know what it was… Maybe it was the costume (HOT!), maybe it’s because, deep down, I’m a crazy cat lady just like Selena Kyle (Catwoman is her alter ego)… but I just LOVED her. I maaaay have even dressed up once as Catwoman (for Halloween! And no, you can’t see the picture!).

Michelle’s Catwoman was just so cool. So sexy, yet soooo bad ass! Probably the best thing that came out of that whole Batman franchise. IMHO, no one before or (so far) since has done a better job.

Ever since Christopher Nolan took over the Batman movies, I’ve been DYING for them to bring Catwoman back (We will not speak of Halle’s version. Horrendous). So, of COURSE, I couldn’t wait to see what they’d do with the role once they signed on Anne Hathaway! I mean, you wouldn’t have though Jack Nicholson’s Joker could be topped, but Heath Ledger blew him out of the water! The possibilities are endless with my girl Catwoman!!!

Except. Well?

Yesterday they released the first pics of Anne and her stunt woman as Catwoman and… um…


anne hathaway catwoman First Photos of Anne Hathaway As Catwoman!!

Anne Hathaway as Catwoman - Via JustJared

She looks gorgeous (it’s hard for her not to), but THERE’S NOTHING CATWOMAN ABOUT HER! She just looks like any other hot girl in a superhero movie, dressed up in skin-tight leather and cool gadgetry. She might as well be ScarJo in Iron Man.

Same thing.

Now, the file name of the original photo they released is selena_kyle.jpg… so I’m kinda hoping this isn’t actually a photo of Catwoman at ALL, but actually a picture of Selena (pre-transformation). In THAT case, I cannot WAIT to see what they come up with!

What do you think!?!?

Check Out the Full Sized Pics On JustJared >

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