Rollin’ With Nick Cannon: How Quickly Do You Call or Text Your Friends Back?

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"WTF?!?! Call Me BACK!"

“WTF?!?! Call Me BACK!”

Everyone screens their phone calls at times and everyone misses calls by accident – only to get back to their iPhone and not return the calls.

A new study tells us that, depending on how long it takes for you to call someone back, it shows how much you REALLY care for them. So, where do YOU stand with the people in your address book?

I can say that if all of this evidence is true, then I am the worst person in the entire world! I actually received a message from my grandfather two nights ago where he was kind of complaining about me missing his and my grandmother’s birthday… meanwhile, I have yet to call my mom back from this weekend because my days are so packed.

I feel like a bum!

Nick and Sarah busted themselves out as well for how long it takes them to get back at people and the stories are great! We also got some of you from the Tri-State to tell us why and how this goes down!

Check out how it played out now!


Tell us how long it generally takes YOU to return a phone call or text message. And don’t lie, we’re still waiting for you to call back, dammit!

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