Rollin’ With 17-Year-Old Comedian Pete Davidson

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pete davidson

You don’t know who Pete Davidson is?

You, my friend, are running a little behind on your game because this kid is next up… and by next up, I mean NOW!

In a time where I personally feel like comedy needs to hit the refresh button, Pete is a guy who shoots from the hip and has a ton of killer material

When this 17-year-old hopped on stage at Nick Cannon’s Fresh Faces Comedy Showcase on Thursday, I was under the impression that I was gonna get a few laughs and maybe have time for a restroom break.

Hell NO!

Pete came out the gates and killed every single punchline from the jump! He’s chill, to the point, and puts all of us on his level, showing us what he sees and goes through on a daily basis and the questions and qualms that he tackles.

I’d like to show you the video from last night, but because this a family environment and I don’t want to offend any Cougars, and by Cougars I mean chicks 21 and over, I invite you to check out some of his material HERE.

Watch Some Pete Davidson NOW >

Beyond the killer set Pete put on last night, there was heavy discussion about him on Rollin’ With Nick Cannon this morning and before you could blink, it was decided that Nick would sign him and take him on the road!

Not bad for a kid who just graduated from high school!

Staten Island stand up, as one of your very own will be venturing out into the world of showbiz!

Listen below to hear the call Nick and Sarah made to Pete to let him know that IT’S ON!!!


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