Southern Sarah Lee "Enhances" Her Look on Rollin'

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sslboobenhance Southern Sarah Lee "Enhances" Her Look on Rollin'

Southern Sarah Lee "Upgrades" - CBS Radio/92.3 NOW

The weather is warming up and summer is around the corner, which means the ladies will be trading in their college hoodies for low cut, fitted tops and two piece swimsuits.

And while spending the winter months sweating your butt off at the gym has done your body good, there are just some “qualities” a woman possesses that a membership to New York Sports Club can’t improve.

We’re pretty sure you know where this is heading…

For some girls, the perfect body means going under the knife to plump up their lovely lady lumps. While that step is certainly not for everyone, if you’re on the fence about it, there is a way to see what size fits you best.

There is a new iPhone app that allows you to see just what your body would look like with a variety of enhancements. If you find one that looks good on you and your committed to such a serious procedure, tell the doc to hook you up with a pair of 34 D’s.

Chunky wanted to see how it worked, so he used Southern Sarah Lee as a test subject. You can see the results of her enhancement above.

Listen to Chunky and the crew talk about all these new iPhone apps NOW!


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