NOW Loading… Lego Pirates, L.A. Detectives and Mario Melee!

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lego pirates of the caribbean2 NOW Loading... Lego Pirates, L.A. Detectives and Mario Melee!

Lego: Pirates of the Caribbean - Savvy?

Time for another edition of NOW Loading… Your weekly video game source. Or maybe it isn’t. If that’s the case where have you been? Seriously. Anyway, I’m gonna show you something that was just released, something that is coming soon, and something I own and you should too.

So strap your eyeballs on this shuckamuck!

Just released:

Lego: Pirates of the Caribbean

[pullquote quote="If you've ever wondered if Johnny Depp is as sexy as a Lego... Yes, yes he is."]Do you love legos but hate building things? We’ll this is just the game for you! This game takes you through each one of the Pirates of the Caribbean films but if every one was made out of legos and if Johnny Depp was less of a drunk. Also, the game will let you play from the new movie… WHICH ISN’T EVEN OUT YET! The game will have just about every face from the movie impersonated by someone you’ve never heard of but should sound just like the real thing. If you’ve played any of the other Lego video games then you know what you are getting here. This game is perfect if you enjoy legos, enjoyed the Pirates movies or if you’ve ever wondered if Johnny Depp is as sexy as a Lego. I was wondering this question and I have concluded: Yes, yes he is.

Lego Pirates is available on the 3DS, DS, PC, PSP, Wii, and Xbox 360.

Check out the trailer here:

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