Hey Britney! Enrique Iglesias is Back on Board… Maybe

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104033576 Hey Britney! Enrique Iglesias is Back on Board... Maybe

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Yesterday we broke the bad news that Enrique Iglesias had dropped out of Britney Spears‘ North American tour. Well, it looks like we were wrong.

Actually, we’re not wrong. Some people *cough cough Enrique cough* are just having a hard time making up their mind.

[photogallerylink id=84110 align=left]Originally we thought Enrique Iglesias had ditched Britney Spears’ tour because ticket prices were waaayyyy too high. $96 for the nose bleeds and $346 if you want Brit Brit’s sweat to get on you.

$346? That’s a lot of guacaMOLE.

Britney would also be getting paid a butt load more than Iglesias. That’s usually how it works when you’re the opening act on a pop superstar’s big North American tour.

Word has it that’s Enrique‘s biggest issue… he doesn’t want to play second fiddle to Spears. To be fair, he does have a point. Enrique is a big draw in his own right. He was able to sell out Madison Square Garden back in February. If you can pack the house at the world’s most famous arena than you have a pretty good case.

If Enrique and Britney‘s peeps can put together a fair deal, a deal that will most likely include Iglesias as a co-headliner, then this tour is still a definite possibility.

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Nick and Perez talked about Enrique‘s status on Britney‘s tour this morning on Rollin’ during Dirty on the 30.

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