It’s Time: Toss Out Your Fugly Uggs People

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uggsheader Its Time: Toss Out Your Fugly Uggs People

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Ladies… please make your way to the nearest garbage can, remove those hideous boots from your feet and proceed to purge. This dirty Ugg epidemic has reached new heights and we feel that enough is enough! It is one thing to keep your feet cozy and warm in a clean pair of Uggs during the cold NYC winter months BUT it is quite another thing to sport filthy, disheveled, and unrecognizable Uggs.

Please read on, because I have an alternative option for you and your feet – I wouldn’t want to leave you barefoot.

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Our fearless editor here at went into panic mode this morning upon seeing commuters on a minute to minute basis wearing filthy Uggs. Mind you, it is raining today – why would you wear suede/fur boots? This got us thinking over here and we decided to gather up some hard core evidence to back up our claims. Check out the photo album of unsuspecting NYC Ugg victims…

[photogallerylink id=106049]Now keep in mind, I grew up in Minnesota – in case you live under a rock or could care less about the mid-west, it’s absolutely freezing.

My first pair of Uggs were given to me by my high school boyfriend’s mother. These shoes were not cool at the time but she was a hockey mom and spent a lot of her time in freezing arenas. She only wore them a time or two and gifted me with them because they were not warm enough! I started rocking them at school and sure enough, that’s when Ugg pandemonium ensued. No, I’m not saying I started the trend, relax. It just happened that way.

Long story short, I graduated High School in 2006 and got my first pair in 2004. It’s 2011 now and people are still Ugg obsessed. Personally, I no longer wear them.

Additionally, I attended a fashion based school and a Professor once warned the class that “If any of you show up with those ugly boots or a Juicy Couture bejeweled track suit again – you’re out!”. She was completely serious and I obeyed. For the most part, I still have a pair in my closet that I wear to grab a coffee or run errands when it’s bitter out, but I DO NOT WEAR a disheveled pair on a daily basis. And neither should you! It makes you look like you’re walking around on two dead seals.

Give ‘em up and get some new boots. Perhaps some rubber Hunter RAIN boots for when it’s… RAINING! SMH… Another option, try some Frye Engineer boots on for size, they’re super durable. Both are VERY winter-weather friendly.

What do you have to say about this trend taken too far? Do you love your Uggs? Will you wear them until they look like you’re running on two flat tires? Or will you be looking into some more flattering footwear choices? Holla back at us in the comments section below and take our poll!


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