Keri Hilson Talks About Being Bullied In “It Gets Better” Video

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Keri Hilson

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After a sitting through a full year of bullying news stories in the national media, celebrities are starting to lend a helping hand on the issue. Most recently, singer [lastfm link_type="artist_info"]Keri Hilson[/lastfm] has teamed up with the “It Gets Better” campaign to share her story of triumph over the students that bullied her as a child.

In the video, Hilson explains how she tried to make friends at school by singing and how students would make fun of her voice. At the time, Keri believed it was just kids being kids, but in reality it was a form of bullying.

Keri says that after a while, she was discouraged to sing because she thought she wasn’t good enough. “I remember being relecutant to tell or share my talent with anyone outside my immediate family…for them to attack me and say you will never make it , made me feel distraught and not worthy.”

Luckily, Keri decided to use her mistreatment in school as motivation to succeed in the music industry. “Today, right now, I can tell you if you’re going through the same thing, if you have a dream that you’re fighting and others are telling you, ‘just keep it a hobby’ or others are telling you, ‘I don’t think you’re talented enough,’ or others are telling you, ‘you should probably get a real job’ or others are telling you whatever it is they’re telling you about your dream, about your look, your likeness, whatever….it gets better, it gets better. But you have to make it better.”

That’s a very powerful message Keri Baby!

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