The Real Deal With Demi’s Rehab

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More details about Demi Lovato‘s check-in to rehab have surfaced:

It looks like Demi may have an anger management problem.

A friend of the family recently told People Magazine that Demi‘s emotional rehab stint started with a very regular night out with friends:

As she did on most nights off, Demi invited her band, dancers and her parents to dinner,” says the source. “Afterward, she broke off with a very small group.

What that “small group” was doing was partying. Apparently, the next day the crowd was questioned by Lovato’s tour manager and step-father and someone spilled the beans.

When confronted about her behavior, “Demi reacted badly and perceived that someone on tour had told on her.

Not one to be told off, Demi then pinpointed a younger dancer on her tour and accused them of tattling. The source told People, “There was a short, physical altercation,” adding that it was “one-sided.”

Apparently beating up back-up dancers is not a good thing, and Demi and her family decided that she needed to seek some professional help for her emotional reactions.

And that’s the story of how Disney‘s Demi went to rehab.

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