Diddy-Dirty Money – “Loving You No More” Video Premiere

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diddy Diddy Dirty Money   Loving You No More Video Premiere

Diddy-Dirty Money - “Loving You No More”

Diddy is at it again! He’s just released yet another video with Dirty Money for his upcoming album, Last Train To Paris. This time around he calls on the services of Drake for the hot track “Loving You No More”.

Diddy-Dirty Money“Loving You No More”

Diddy-Dirty Money‘s latest release is an emotional track about losing touch with a significant other… something that Diddy has talked about numerous times before in the past…. and once again, Diddy gives us a stirring performance of rhythmic talking disguised as singing (Take that, take that, take that)!

Drake makes a brief cameo with a cool verse (as usual) to give the song and video a little more of a hip-hop edge. In all, the video was average and deserves a 6.5 out of 10. This is a rare situation, where the song was more of a draw than the actual video.

Diddy finally announced the official release of the Last Train To Paris album will be December 14th, after over a year of delays.

“We wasn’t ready. We thought we was ready. We wanted to shoot a whole bunch of videos ahead of time so when the album comes out, you guys’ll be able to go on your iPad and see like six, seven, eight of the videos,” Diddy explained on his Youtube channel PTWITTYTV“We wanted to come and hit you with a new way of doing things, and with that, it takes time.”

Diddy Announces album release date

*NSFW due to language!


Diddy-Dirty Money - “Angels”


Diddy-Dirty Money“Angels(Remix)”


Diddy-Dirty Money“Love Come Down”


Diddy-Dirty Money - “Hello Good Morning”


Diddy-Dirty Money “Hello Good Morning(Remix)”

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