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YO! My name’s Buster…

How I got to 92.3 NOW FM:
It wasn’t hard to hack onto the frequency and take over NOW FM one late-night in April. I dialed into the station from my house in Queens. I didn’t do it to harm the station, I’ve just been a big fan of NOW FM since it started. I just wanted to be on the radio. Well, it worked! The morning after I hacked into the station I woke up to Lisa, Tic Tak, & Chunky standing on my door step. I thought I was going to jail… again. However, instead of arresting me… THEY GAVE ME A JOB! lol

So, now you can check me out Mon-Fri on 92.3 NOW FM from 11p-3a.

P.S… If I ever sound like I don’t know what I’m doing… that’s because I DON’T!

Buster Likes…
• Internet
• Pizza
• Recreational usage
• Jersey girls… nothin like ‘em
• Xbox 360
• Eminem, David Letterman, & Wu-Tang

Buster Dislikes…
• Swine Flu
• Ryan Seacrest
• Racists
• The Fray
• Traffic… ugh

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