Tyra Banks Quits Show, Takes Over World

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Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks has never made bones about wanting to be Oprah, which is why it’s kind of strange that when Oprah announced her talk show was ending, Tyra announced her talk show was ending, too.

Tyra, I’m just going to give you a wee bit of career advice here, you’ll get more of Oprah’s market share if you’re still on the air when she leaves.

Tyra, like Oprah, isn’t actually leaving the limelight, she’s just running her own show. Tyra is set to stop taping The Tyra Banks Show, the talk show focused mainly around girl power and self empowerment, in the Spring. After that, her efforts will be focused around Bankable Studios, her new production company that will do pretty much the same thing.

Tyra’s on a mission ladies, she’s going to save your self esteem through movies, and more modeltastic TV shows. Thank you Tyra, there was a second there I thought about smiling with my mouth, but now, now I know to smile with my eyes.

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