Post Holiday De-Bloating Tips

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If you’re like me you’re probably still full from yesterday’s recreational eating. All the salt and ‘who knows what’ that goes into BBQ fare can cause a wee bit of bloating. Or at least that’s what I like to tell myself… it’s bloating, not weight.

Okay, yeah, sometimes it’s a little white lie I tell myself to avoid the obvious truth.

Here are some sure-fire ways of getting rid of that post holiday bloating…

Yogurt1. Yogurt

Strange, but true. Sometimes “bloat” isn’t water weight, but another type of weight entirely. Yogurt has all sorts of fantastic bacteria, including Candida, that regulate your digestive tract (that’s a nice way of saying your colon). So, if you’re backed up, but don’t want to stock up on fiber (which may not aid in the losing of water weight) start by upping your yogurt intake. Yogurt can also help settle your stomach (good bacteria is awesome) if you’ve over indulged and feel like your tummy is all out of whack.


Lemon2. Lemon

Lemon is natures natural diuretic. Sounds sexy, no? Upping your lemon intake, can help you flush some of that excess water from your system. Ginger is also a natural diuretic (not the pickled kind that comes with sushi), so try making yourself some lemon ginger tea, by boiling some water with ginger and lemon, then straining. Mmm. Tea. Okay, maybe make it iced tea.


Banana3. Potassium

You know how body builders are all sinewy and veiny looking? Yeah, that’s because they work pretty hard at sucking the water out of their system (not all of it, as we’re comprised mostly of water, but a great deal of it). Pre-event they’ll stock up on bananas, avocado, sweet potato, edamame, dried apricots, foods with high level of potassium. If it works for them to show off their muscles, it’ll also work for you when you’re trying to shed some of that hot dog induced water weight.


Salt4. Nix the Salt

This should go without saying, but we tend to consume way more salt than we realize on a daily basis. The average adult needs about 4.2 grams of salt a day, but in reality we eat about 12 grams. While you’re trying to de-bloat, focus on sodium levels in your food and nix any excess salt.


Water5. Drink water

This may seem counter-intuitive, as you’re currently trying to get rid of water, but water is the key to de-bloating. Your body won’t feel the need to hold onto every ounce of water retained if it knows there’s more coming down the pike. Plus you need the water in your system to help flush out all sodium that’s encouraging that water weight to begin with.

I’m all for natural remedies first and definitely don’t suggest hitting up your local pharmacy for water pills. After all, the stuff in those pills that helps you shed that excess water is the same stuff that’s in food, and food is way more fun than pill popping.

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