Magic Tea Makes You Skinny

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White TeaThere have been “Diet Teas” around for a while…

Basically they just make you poop, and can actually screw up the bacteria in your colon.  I know we’re a germophobic society and all, but there are bacteria in our bodies that are there because they’re supposed to be.  So, long story short-don’t drink anything labeled diet tea.  Oh, and eat yogurt, all sorts of happy bacteria in there.

Having said that, there is actually a tea that has recently been proven to play a big role in weight loss… it’s not bad for you and heck, it’s not even packaged as a diet aid.  It’s White Tea, and it has a magical way (actually a scientific way, but to me it seems like magic) of halting the production of fat cells.  Yup, scientists in Germany have been studying this beverage du jour and have found not only does it prevent new fat cells to be made, but can actually serve as an aid in breaking down already existing fat cells.  Repeat after me: hallelujah.

So, what is white tea? It’s actually the bud of the plant that green tea comes from.  Green tea too has been touted as a weight loss aid, but has less super-hero tendencies as it’s younger lighter version.

Just because White Tea is nature’s TrimSpa, don’t go too hog wild with it. It’s still a caffeinated beverage, with all the same drawbacks as caffeine, so starting out with one or two cups a day is probably a nice happy medium.


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