5 Sites For Domestic Goddesses

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Staying In

I have to admit that the whole economic downturn thing has made me explore my domestic side a bit more.  There are more dinner parties at home, more girls night’s in with Netflix and cheap wine, more homemade gifts and home cooked dinners.  It’s actually kind of cute, albeit a little bit disturbing as I once thought myself all sorts of urban chic.

In my hours of scouring the internet looking for inspiration on just how to be the craftiest me I can be, I’ve come up with a few of my favorite sites, which I’m willing to share because sharing is caring.

Twig & Thistle1) Twig & Thistle:

OMG, you can make your own Peeps.  Peeps, like the candy not Peeps like the friends.  If you were making your own friends I would be slightly concerned about how much time you’re spending in doors and suggest a night out.  But, Peeps the candy, well that’s just mind blowing.  Oh, and it’s easy!  Now that I can make these magical marshmallow dietary monstrocities at home, I’m resolved to a perpetual sugar high.

Pink of Perfection2) Pink of Perfection:

Sarah McColl the domestic diva behind Pink of Perfection definitely sees beauty where I see, uhh, stuff.  She etches her own glass, makes her own flower arrangements, and cooks gourmet meals on a pinched penny.

Seriously, I want to grow up and find beauty all around me, until that happens I’ll just stalk her on the internet.

My Aim IS True3) My Aim is True:

Amber at My Aim is True is like whoa, she knits, she sews, she cooks, she exercises, she makes her own gifts,  she has a dog that is adorable and she designs websites.  Seriously sometimes I want to crawl all up in this blog and just let Amber design my life.

I feel like it would be way prettier that way.

BrokeAss Gourmet4) BrokeAss Gourmet:

The whole point of me staying in and being domestic these days is to save money, which makes BrokeAss Gourmet one of my favorite new websites.  All their recipes come included with a price breakdown, oh and they’re all like super duper fancy and impressive yet cheap.

This website has saved many a BrokeAss dinner party.

Not Eating Out In NY5) Not Eating Out in New York:

Uhh, this site is totally a phenomenon.  For two years Cathy Erway didn’t eat out at all.  Which is so amazing to me.  Although that reign ended in September of 2008 she still posts some of the most delectible recipes on the web and has a new reason every month for not eating out.

Added bonus: she’s constantly scoping out great places to be in NYC.

If you’re more of a real life and not so much an internet tutorial kind of person, check out Flirt in Brooklyn, which is not only the most adorable boutique ever, but they also hold a variety of sewing classes.  You can make you’re own skirts!

Now, if you’ll excuse me I’m going to make a diarama, because they were totally awesome in kindergarten and they’re totally awesome now.

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